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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Mums-to-Be & Babies

pregnancy-ultrasound-pics-sq-400At Santin Chiropractic, one of our greatest passions is helping infants and pregnant women flourish with the help of gentle chiropractic care. Thunder Bay Chiropractors Dr. Carla Santin, Dr. Angelo Santin and Dr. Carlee Otway are highly experienced in providing prenatal and pediatric chiropractic and want to ensure their patients get the best care possible. Find out how our care may benefit you and your baby.

The Importance of a Thorough Consult & Exam

Before receiving care, mums-to-be will consult with Dr. Carla, Dr. Angelo or Dr. Carlee to give our doctors an understanding of the expectant mother’s health status, any pregnancy complications, and wellness goals.

Given that X-rays are off-limits during pregnancy, a thorough examination becomes crucial to identify any spinal misalignments, particularly in the pelvis, which could affect both the mother’s comfort and the baby’s positioning for birth. Advanced, non-invasive spinal scans are utilized to detect nerve or muscle stress areas, guiding a personalized care plan.

Unexpected Benefits for Pregnant Women

Many people are unaware of the range of chiropractic care benefits beyond pain relief. Not every pregnant woman experiences back pain. Chiropractic adjustment may help alleviate conditions like morning sickness and reflux, improve balance, reduce pelvic and pubic bone pain, and facilitate a smoother preparation for birth.

Specialized Prenatal Chiropractic Techniques

Our pregnant patients receive care through adapted techniques, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. The adjusting table is modified with a belly cut-out pillow, allowing women to lie face down comfortably. Dr. Carla, Dr. Angelo and Dr. Carlee use the Webster Technique, a specialized pelvic adjustment designed to reduce subluxations and ease ligament tension, promoting optimal fetal positioning and maternal comfort.

Helping Our Littlest Patients Flourish

Chiropractic care extends to newborns, recommended to start within the first week of life. It’s always done after a thorough assessment to see how things are moving, what’s moving well, and what’s not. This gentle care involves very light and specific adjustments, akin to the light pressure one would apply to test a fruit’s ripeness.

Early chiropractic assessments could help prevent or address issues like difficulty in turning the head or nursing, potentially stemming from birth-induced misalignments. Chiropractic can also address issues like colic.

A Patient Success Stories

One of our patients is a mum who presented at 37 weeks with her baby in a breech position. Using very specific Webster Technique adjustments and some home instructions for proper posturing, sitting, and exercises, the baby was able to get into a head-down position, allowing the mother a vaginal birth that she had always wanted.

“The sooner a mom’s spine is adjusted, the better the outcome,” said Dr. Carla.

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Whether you just found out you’re expecting, are in your last trimester, or recently gave birth, we want to help you enjoy optimal health.

Contact Santin Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care for yourself or your baby.


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