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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is chiropractic care, and how is it different from traditional medicine?
Chiropractic care is a lifestyle. Chiropractors are uniquely trained to identify interference within the nervous system that is preventing you from functioning at your best. Chiropractors are drugless practitioners who believe the power that made the body heals the body. The chiropractic adjustment removes the interference to allow the body to heal and function the way it was designed.*

Can kids benefit from chiropractic care, and is it safe for them?

Chiropractors use gentle techniques to care for children from infancy to their teens. The chiropractic adjustment of an infant is so gentle that it is similar to the amount of pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a fruit. Children of all ages can benefit from chiropractic care to support their development and help them recover from injuries as they grow.*

How does chiropractic help with back pain, and how many sessions does it usually take to feel better?

This depends on the person and their specific case. Adjustments can give relief following each visit; however, it can take a few weeks to notice improvements and upwards of 6 months to see stability with these changes. Chiropractic adjustments can ease back pain by taking pressure from an irritated nerve and allowing the body to function better, giving you relief! We opt for patient education as a big part of care so you can learn to do your part as well in your healing journey.

Is chiropractic care good for seniors, and what perks does it offer for older individuals?

Yes, we love caring for seniors! Your practitioner will choose the best technique to ensure you are carefully adjusted. We notice that some seniors who are under regular care may notice improved mobility and less tension, which for some, can help them remain independent and do the things they love.

Do chiropractors address things like headaches or joint issues, or is it just for back problems?

We sure do! Nerves supply all systems in your body and for this reason, we do not solely address back pain. We tend to see patients with headaches/joint issues often. We would be glad to explain how these problems are directly connected to what we do.

Is chiropractic covered by insurance, and what are the payment options?

All extended health plans are different, but most will contribute to some part of your care plan. We do not direct bill but provide print or electronic receipts to help you submit to your extended health provider as seamlessly as possible.

How often should I get chiropractic check-ups for overall wellness, and do I need a specific issue to visit?

We would love to get you in the clinic to see what would be best for your individual goals. This varies significantly as each person has a very diverse health history and goals for care. You do not need an injury or ailment to book a visit with us! We have a lot of current patients who see chiropractic as part of their lifestyle and rave about the benefits of ongoing maintenance to keep them doing the things they love.

Can I combine chiropractic care with other types of health care or therapy?

Of course! In fact, we highly recommend it. This is an awesome way to get the most from your care. Our clinic also offers laser therapy and physiotherapy to help you recover from injury, strengthen the body, and live a more active lifestyle.


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