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Pregnancy Chiropractic in Thunder Bay

Childbirth is a huge event—let Santin Chiropractic help you prepare for it.

While the process of giving birth is often downplayed, we believe it’s something to get ready for through safe, comfortable, and professional chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Plus, post-birth, many moms report that receiving adjustments while pregnant helped them achieve a quick and full recovery.

But…How Safe Is It?

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is considered to be safe. Our team does a complete examination with every pregnant woman, whether they are a new patient or received care from us prior to pregnancy.
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Considering all factors uncovered within a woman’s health history, we can create a care plan that is comfortable for her at every stage. Like the rest of our practice, we educate you at every stage and work hard to help you get the results you want—safely!

What Does It Accomplish?

If you are pregnant, chiropractic adjustments can help with any pain you may experience in the lower back or pelvic area, especially when considering your changing shape and posture.

We already mentioned that chiropractic work can also help post-birth, but it can also be beneficial in getting the baby inside you ready for delivery. It can help get their head down and prepare them to go through the birth canal.

Techniques and Timelines

The type and frequency of care is determined by you and us on a case-by-case basis. Thompson and Webster Technique are our most popular modalities.

From our experience, the more we can provide chiropractic care during pregnancy, the more likely it is that you will have a full and quick recovery.

Typically, we recommend at least weekly care during the last 4-6 weeks of the pregnancy, since there are so many changes going on in a woman’s body at that point. Just staying ready for childbirth takes a lot. As we said, it’s a huge event!

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