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Pediatric Chiropractic in Thunder Bay

Chiropractic care has been shown to heal various ailments for people at all stages of life, including in childhood. Santin Chiropractic is proud to offer holistic pediatric chiropractic care, as we believe there is great potential in helping kids heal, and helping them avoid problems later in life.

Our office prioritizes safety and comfort for you as a parent and for your child. We’re going to demonstrate every modality of care, and nothing happens until everyone in the room is comfortable with what is about to happen. We never adjust a child that isn’t comfortable.
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Why Now? Well, Why Not?

Every adult in need of chiropractic care was once a child. Can you imagine if they received care when they were young, which may have prevented them from developing the pain they now experience? That’s our goal, as we are passionate about establishing a preventative model of chiropractic care that helps kids avoid future ailments.

We believe it’s never too early to think about your child’s long-term health and begin doing adjustments. Kids of all ages have spines, spines get misaligned, and spines need to be re-aligned for the body to work properly.

Force Does Not Equal Effectiveness

Adjustments we do on children look different from ones we do on adults. While we use similar methods—notably the Thompson and Activator techniques—we tailor our work to ensure that each child receives gentle and safe care.

We don’t need to be forceful to be effective. The pressure we apply is similar to what you’d apply to your own eyeball, or enough to lightly dimple a tomato. We definitely do not apply the same amount of pressure on a child as we would on an adult.

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The process we have for pediatric chiropractic care is essentially the same as our adult care. We send paperwork electronically before the visit for a parent to fill out, and before we begin, we all agree on a plan for therapy that aligns with the patient’s needs. Contact us today to get started.


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