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Sciatica in Thunder Bay

sitting on couch with leg painMany people confuse buttock or leg pain with sciatica, but true sciatica is toothache-like discomfort that runs all the way from the back, down the leg and into the foot. The pain can be intense, and treatment needs to be repetitive to be effective.

Sciatica often intensifies during prolonged sitting or standing. This condition frequently impacts individuals with diabetes, those who are overweight, and pregnant women. Long-term poor posture is also a significant contributing factor.

Typical Symptoms

Some other symptoms that patients may experience include:

  • Hip pain
  • A tingling or burning feeling down the leg
  • Weakness, numbness, or a difficult time moving the leg or foot
  • Continual discomfort that affects one side of the buttocks
  • A shooting pain that makes it uncomfortable to stand up

Our Natural Approach

Chiropractic adjustments at Santin Chiropractic can help to relieve sciatic discomfort. Improving joint motion in the lower back with our natural care starts with a consultation and comprehensive examination. We’ll let you know if we think you can benefit from our care. If we believe another healthcare practitioner can better address your nerve pain, we’ll let you know that too.

We utilize a variety of adjusting techniques that are tailored to your specific needs. Thompson Drop and Diversified are common approaches, and we will also use the Activator® instrument to deliver a more gentle adjustment to the joint for patients who are in a great deal of pain.

When Will I Feel Better?

With severe sciatica, the initial care program may last 4-6 weeks, during which time we’d expect to see some pain relief as well as a centralization of the pain to the lower back. We know the care plan is working when the pain moves out of the leg and into the lower back, which is the source of the issue in the first place.

Get Started Today

Sciatica typically doesn’t resolve on its own, so the sooner you seek care, the sooner we can get you on the road to feeling and moving better! Contact us today to schedule.


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