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Low Back Pain in Thunder Bay

man at chair low back painPain in the lower back is one of the most common reasons people worldwide seek chiropractic care—and that’s true at Santin Chiropractic as well. Affecting all ages and all walks of life, acute or chronic low back pain can make even the simplest tasks painful or impossible.
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What Causes the Pain?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to do heavy manual labor to experience this type of pain. Our sedentary lifestyles put us in seated positions for far longer than the body was designed to sit. Spending all week sitting at a desk and then doing chores around the house or some weekend warrior sporting activities can be enough to throw your spinal alignment out and cause pain.

Any type of repetitive strain is also a major exacerbator of lower back injury.

How We Help

We begin with a consultation and a thorough examination, including assessing lower back mobility and range of motion and how the muscles are affected by pressure on the nerves. We also take X-rays to determine how much degeneration is present and how that may affect your function.

Our care is catered to your specific situation, combining spinal manipulation with exercise therapy to get the best results. The chiropractic adjustment moves the joint into alignment, removes pressure from the nerve and, over time, relieves pain and enhances mobility and overall function.

Home Care Instructions

We’ll give you instructions about using ice and/or moist heat, and we’ll tailor home exercises to your specific condition, age and activity level. Your individual exercise regimen will be designed to help improve any areas that aren’t moving as well as they should.

When to Seek Emergency Care

In rare instances, a condition called cauda equina can cause inflammation in the lowest portion of the spinal cord, resulting in bowel and bladder control issues. If you experience loss of bowel or bladder control or experience numbness in the saddle region, you should seek emergency medical care immediately.

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