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Knee Pain in Thunder Bay

running knee painMore than just a localized inconvenience, knee pain is a common condition that can signal deeper structural problems. At Santin Chiropractic, we address knee pain with a comprehensive, holistic approach that acknowledges the interconnected nature of your body’s kinetic chain.
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Beyond Just The Knee

Contrary to what many people might think, knee pain can often indicate imbalances in other body regions, such as the lower back, pelvis, or hips. Misalignment in these areas can spark a chain reaction, with knee pain serving as the final outward symptom triggered by nerve referrals. Understanding this interconnection is paramount to effectively addressing your discomfort.

Your Personalized Care Path

Our approach to your care journey begins with an all-encompassing consultation. We conduct thorough orthopedic and neurological examinations to understand your condition better. If necessary, our team will utilize X-rays, personal imaging, or other specialized diagnostic tools to diagnose your pain’s root cause accurately.

By aligning your hips, pelvis, and lower back, we often witness remarkable effects on the knee and lower limb. Our personalized care caters to your individual needs, whether you’re an active sportsperson or someone just trying to live pain-free. We consider your training program, performance demands, and personal concerns to tailor your treatment plan.

Advanced Treatment Techniques: Laser Therapy

We also use cutting-edge non-invasive treatments like laser therapy to combat knee pain. Laser therapy can significantly reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and foster tissue healing around the knee.

The Importance of Lifestyle & Exercise

We recommend lifestyle modifications and customized exercises to complement chiropractic care to strengthen your quadriceps complex and glute muscles. Specially designed exercises ensure smooth functioning of the patella over the knee joint, contributing to healthier, pain-free knees.

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