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Hip Pain in Thunder Bay

woman with back painHip pain is a common reason to seek chiropractic care—even though the cause of the pain is typically in the lower back. Unless there’s a sprain or injury to the hip joint itself, the back tends to degenerate first, and the hips follow.

People with chronic or recurrent low back pain will be susceptible to hip problems down the road because the body compensates in other ways for loss of mobility in the back, and the hips bear the brunt of that.
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Our Approach to Care

At Santin Chiropractic, we have a lot of experience working with hip degeneration, using various techniques tailored to your specific situation. We often find the Thompson Technique to be very effective in mobilizing the hip joints, and it’s comfortable for the patient because it’s quick, frees up the hip joint and relieves adhesions in the joint capsule.

We often incorporate laser therapy, which helps to increase blood flow to the joint, reduce inflammation and encourage healing over time. The right kind of exercises, starting with mobility/movement training and continuing with strengthening the muscles around the hip joint to support it, round out our comprehensive approach.

What If I’ve Had a Hip Replacement?

There are techniques that are safe for patients who have had a hip replacement. We recommend continuing to get adjusted to maintain mobility. Our focus here is on the lower back and ensuring that the muscles around the hip joint stay strong so you can get as many years as possible out of your new joint.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Since most hip problems stem from degeneration or loss of mobility in the lower back, addressing the low back earlier can often help prevent hip problems from developing. Pain is usually the last symptom to appear, so waiting until you’re in pain before seeking care means the problem has already advanced.

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