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Enhance Your Walking Experience With Custom Orthotics

teal tennins shoe bottomsWith the temperatures warming up here in Thunder Bay, it’s a great time to get outside and walk, which is one of the best forms of low-impact exercise. However, considering the crucial role our feet play, it’s important to ensure they are well-supported.

After all, your feet are your foundation, the base upon which your entire body relies for stability and mobility. Just as a faulty foundation can compromise the integrity of a building, issues with your feet can reverberate throughout your entire kinetic chain, leading to discomfort and pain in your knees, hips, and lower back.

At Santin Chiropractic, we recognize the importance of addressing foot problems comprehensively, considering their impact on your overall well-being.

Understanding the Need for Custom Orthotics

When assessing a new patient, our approach is thorough and holistic. Through orthopedic and neurological examinations, we evaluate the entire body, looking for signs of imbalance or dysfunction.

Leg length discrepancies, postural abnormalities, and knee or hip pain can all indicate underlying issues that may benefit from orthotics. Even if foot pain isn’t the primary concern, we recognize the interconnectedness of the body and understand that addressing foot mechanics can alleviate symptoms elsewhere.

Tailored Solutions for Dynamic Movement





Our custom orthotics aren’t just generic, cookie-cutter inserts; they’re personalized to accommodate the unique shape and movement patterns of your feet. Using advanced technology, including computerized gait scans, we analyze how weight distribution during walking impacts foot mechanics and influences higher joints like the ankles, knees, and hips.

This comprehensive approach ensures that our orthotics provide precise support, addressing issues such as overpronation, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints.

A Complement to Chiropractic Care

Orthotics complement our chiropractic treatments by promoting proper alignment and stability. We prescribe exercises to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the feet and ankles, enhancing their ability to support the body effectively. By providing consistent support, orthotics help patients maintain their adjustments for longer periods, reducing the risk of discomfort and misalignment.

Getting Used to Your New Orthotics

We understand that adjusting to orthotics can take time. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes, it’s essential to ease into wearing them gradually. Initially, we recommend wearing orthotics for short periods during low-impact activities, gradually increasing wear time as your body adapts. While the temptation to dive into high-impact exercises may be strong, it’s crucial to allow your body sufficient time to acclimate to the new support provided by orthotics.

Summer Footwear Considerations

As we transition into the summer months, it’s essential to consider footwear choices that support foot health. While closed-toe shoes may not be the norm during this season, opting for supportive sandals with straps can help mitigate the stress on your feet. Avoiding flimsy flip-flops or unsupportive sandals can prevent issues such as arch collapse and discomfort, ensuring that your feet remain happy and healthy throughout the summer.

Experience the benefits of custom orthotics and enhance your walking experience. Schedule a comprehensive assessment with one of our chiropractors today, and let us guide you toward a more comfortable and pain-free lifestyle!

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