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Chiropractic Care

Safe & Gentle Techniques At Santin Chiropractic, we don't just treat neck and back pain, we specialize in helping your body function at its best so you can experience more energy, less discomfort and enjoy a healthy and active life. We don't just deliver your typical crack, we provide safe adjustments that follow the best practices of: The Thompson Technique The Activator Technique Chiropractic Care and Adjustments Chiropractic care helps correct alignment problems (called subluxations) that interfere with your immune systems ability to function properly. Chiropractic adjustments help unlock spinal joints that aren't moving freely, and speed-up your healing process by reducing nervous system interferences between your brain and your body. Adults and children who receive chiropractic care, have been known to experience a sense of wellbeing, and also tend to experience fewer colds, ear infections and other common viruses. Our areas of specialty include: Workplace injury prevention Sports injuries Injury Prevention Back pain in pregnancy Chiropractic care for children Neck pain Headaches Stress relief Because the pain or discomfort you experience may be triggered from another location in your body, our advanced COREscan technology, provides an accurate assessment that helps us treat your condition more effectively. Chiropractic care is a popular form of treatment that is recognized by almost 2 million patients in Ontario, because it is a safe and effective form of surgery-free health care. Benefits of chiropractic care can include: Better performance Increased energy levels and concentration Flexibility that reduces injury and days off work Strengthened immune system Drug free pain relief during pregnancy If you're tired of treating symptoms that keep coming back and you're looking for a better way to manage your own health, contact our office and schedule a consultation... your health is worth it!

Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Back Pain In Pregnancy Pregnancy can be an exciting time in your life, but it can also be challenging. As your baby develops, weight gain can produce stress on your back, alter your center of balance and decrease your energy levels, making it difficult to take part in your normal day-to-day activities. Chiropractic care during pregnancy has become an essential part of a woman's health care regimen for decades, because it provides a safe and natural approach that offers many benefits that include: Spine alignment that helps support weight gain and improves mobility Decreased discomfort without medication Healing of the strained pelvic area Pelvic alignment that increases the chances of a natural birth Before delivery, gentle chiropractic adjustments help improve joint function and relieve nerve pressure, which reduces pain and discomfort naturally – without medication. After delivery, it's also easier to bounce back into a normal fitness routine and provide proper care to your newborn when your joints are aligned properly. Back pain during pregnancy has been associated with, "just a part of being pregnant" for too long. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective approach that can provide you with relief and help prepare your body for a natural childbirth. Find out how Dr. Carla Santin can help reduce your discomfort and increase your chances of a smoother delivery by scheduling a consult with our office: (807) 344-4606

What Makes Us Different

What's Your COREscore? At Santin Chiropractic, we are committed for the long haul so that we can achieve optimal results and help maintain your health. Non-Invasive & Pain-Free A pain-free COREscore scan, helps establish a baseline of your health. It analyzes problem areas and delivers pin-point accuracy that provides us with a roadmap to your wellness. How Long Does a COREscore Exam Take? During your first exam, our COREscore assessment, which includes our advanced state of the art technology, will only take a few minutes to perform, and measures: 1. Heart Rate Variability A stressful lifestyle filled with on-going aggravation can put your body into a "fight-flight" response that puts a major strain on your bodies ability to cope and fight off sickness and disease. During your visit, you will be seated quietly for a few minutes, with your hand placed on a sensor that measures your heart rate. Heart Rate Variability is a test widely used by cardiologists, exercise physiologists, medical researchers and chiropractors. The results will determine how chronic stress is affecting your nervous system, immune responsiveness and your general wellness. 2. Muscle Tone and Balance This test will tell us how much energy is distributed through your muscles to maintain your posture. Your score will help determine if your muscles are being overworked. A fatigued system can put your spine out of balance and cause your muscles to loose support and mobility. 3. Organ & Gland Control The Thermal Scan measures your nervous system that controls and regulates your organs, glands and blood vessels. This test measures the difference in temperature along your spine, pointing out where your stress is building up and how it is affecting your body. At Santin Chiropractic, we take the time to be very thorough so that we know exactly what to do. The results of your COREscore, will provide us with an excellent way to find out what's going on, what needs to be done and a precise way to monitor your progress and re-evaluate your care for the future. To find out more about COREscore, call our office to schedule your personal consultation.

Family Care

Our office provides family care for everyone from newborn babies to 100-year-old seniors and everyone in between. The gentle effective chiropractic care can help ensure that everyone in your family has a healthier spine and nervous system so they can function at higher level of health for a lifetime. Request an appointment for yourself or your entire family today.


Good nutrition is an essential part of The 100 Year Lifestyle. Using a variety of resources, ranging from dietary counseling, healthy weight loss strategies, educational workshops and supplementation, we will help you and your family maximize your health through good nutrition.

Performance Based Care

Performance based care is for athletes of all ages and competitive levels who are ready to break through and take their performance to the next level. Contact our office today to request an appointment.