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Mathew Nash
Satisfied Patient
“My wife and I originally visited Santin Chriopractic due to breastfeeding issues for our newborn son. Carla was so amazing with him and was very informative throughout the entire process. We began seeing improvements in his feeding habits quite quickly. Soon after that we scheduled assessments for ourselves and are thankful we did. We are both feeling significantly better in our day to day lives and would definitely recommend Santin Chiropractic to anyone looking for a great experience.”
Teighlor Santerre
Satisfied Patient
“During my pregnancy I have had ZERO back pain! Also, my round ligaments also decreased in pain due to my biweekly to weekly appointments. Cannot say enough good things about Santin Chiropractic.”
Megan Tozer
Satisfied Patient
“I started seeing Dr. Carla about 4 weeks ago as I noticed numbness in my foot. I have back pain as well but kinda thought it was normal… turns out, back pain is not normal! I was sent for x-rays before we started doing adjustments which I believe is a great idea. I have never seen a chiropractor before so I wasn’t sure what to think, or if it would even help. Within 2 weeks of going I started noticing I wasn’t always sore waking up in the morning, I haven’t had a migraine and only 1 headache since. Carla did a series of tests on my first visit and I just had a progress exam which I am very pleased with the results… with my first visit I had 10 issues on the test she ran, now 4 weeks later it has dropped down to 3! I am so happy I decided to start seeing Dr. Carla to help me!”
Alyssa Ewing
Satisfied Patient

“I’ve had very intense chronic migraines, and menstrual pain since I was young. Both were very difficult to control, with even pain medication.

Only weeks after going to Santin my headaches started to occur less frequently, and my menstrual pain became much more manageable!”

Jodi Quadrilatero
Satisfied Patient

“Santin Chiropractic has been truly an amazing experience for my daughters and myself. We have been going for 3 years and seeing Dr. Carla.

We are extremely pleased with our results and notice such positive changes in our everyday life. The better quality of sleep, less headaches, better posture, I just can’t say enough good things.

The staff are friendly and always greet you with a smile and hello.
Both Dr. Carla and Dr. Angelo (who my husband sees) are very attentive and listen to the concerns and issues we are experiencing.

We are very grateful to Santin Chiropractic for such a better change in our life, it is something I will continue to do for our future.”

Vee Scott
Satisfied Patient
“Dr. Carla Santin cares about her patients. I suffered from constant neck and back pain. I could not walk, stand or sit for long periods of time before I started seeing Dr. Carla. After her assessment, regular treatments and plan of action I have been pain free almost every day. I feel like I have been given my life back. I am so happy and thankful for the wonderful team at Santin Chiropractic. I have more energy and the support is outstanding. 10/10 would recommend to everyone!”
Destinee Heikkinen
Satisfied Patient

“I started seeing Dr. Carla in 2012 during my second pregnancy because of severe sciatic pain. My midwives recommended Santin Chiropractic, and to be honest- I was hesitant at first. Dr. Carla took the time to thoroughly explain & provide me with information, and answered all my questions & concerns. She made a treatment plan, and gave me the best care possible. After a few visits I was already having some relief! As well, I found my labour pains to be manageable, and my birth was quick!

I have been seeing Dr. Carla and Dr. Angelo on a regular basis since then (also throughout my 3rd and 4th pregnancies), and have not experienced any sciatic pain! I look forward to seeing them on a monthly basis, as I know how important it is to maintain a healthy back!

All 4 of my children have been to see the Dr. Carla & Dr.Angelo for various issues— each one received great care and had their symptoms resolved! Highly recommend Santin Chiropractic!”

Jaimie Mintenko
Satisfied Patient
“Santin Chiropractic has played such a large role in my health and well-being! Whether it be through sport injuries, pregnancies (or sleeping strangely…) they always get me back to feeling 100%. Not only are Dr. Carla and Dr. Angelo wonderful, trusted chiropractors, but wonderful people as well. The staff are always smiling, always make me feel welcome, and have terrific follow up. Thank you, Santin!”
Taylor Ferrence
Satisfied Patient

“Santin chiropractic is amazing !! I just started there in November 2020. Everyone who works there is very friendly, flexible and accommodating. I suffered from constant headaches and neck pain since I was a teenager, I am now 28, and just couldn’t take it anymore. Carla sent me for X-rays to see what she was working with. Turns out my neck doesn’t have a natural curve and was cause me constant pain. In the short time I have been there my headaches and neck pain have almost disappeared. I no longer wake up every morning with a headache and it’s the best feeling. It has also helped me to be able to do my personal support job better. Since I have less pain i can do more. They are amazing at what they do and would most definitely recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor”